Peter Bright


Peter Bright is one of the most revered names in Portuguese winemaking.

Originally from Australia, it was there that he studied oenology and worked before coming to Europe in 1981 to take on a range of projects in various countries. In 1993, he rose to prominence among the first wave of Australian flying winemakers, with landmark wine projects in Europe. Over the years he has produced wine in various parts of the world, especially South America, where he played a part in the region’s transformation from producing bulk wines to bottling premium varieties.

Peter Bright is renowned as a highly experienced winemaker who produces outstanding wines, considering Portugal his most intimate terroir: “I am fascinated by grape varieties and Portugal is, of course, an amazing place for varieties”, he says.

After 30 years producing exceptional wines, his love for Portugal grows stronger through his involvement with Ímpar, S.A., where he assumes the role of oenologist and shareholder, being responsible for creating the various brands in the portfolio.