A small village in Alto Alentejo where a world-renowned winery was born.

Founded in 2004, Terras de Alter was the result of a partnership between two companies with a long agricultural tradition in the region – the Agricultural Society of Antas and the Agricultural Society of Monte Barrão – and the experience and expertise of oenologist Peter Bright.

Four years later, with the aim of autonomising production processes, the company decided to establish its own winery in the industrial area of Vila de Fronteira, investing heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and positioning itself as a major player in quality wine production in the Alentejo Region.

Soon recognised as a benchmark in the national arena, Terras de Alter began distributing its brands to the main restaurants and wine stores up and down the country, becoming the Alentejo wine ambassador in the Portuguese off-trade. With its renown growing significantly on the international stage, the brand gradually consolidated its presence in various foreign markets, with a clear focus on exports.

After almost two decades, Terras de Alter was acquired by Ímpar, S.A. in 2021, with the entry of new foreign investors and a renewed ambition to grow further: the project was given greater financial autonomy and therefore more growth capacity, reinforcing the emphasis on superior quality wines and representing significant added value for the region.

Always maintaining quality as a hallmark, the wines from Ímpar, S.A. showcase winemaker Peter Bright’s almost 20 years of dedication to a project that continues to evolve. Although there is a guaranteed and stable grape supply in the long term, maintaining close relationships with local winegrowers through grape purchase agreements, Ímpar, S.A. is aiming to acquire its own vineyards in the near future.

Meanwhile, reinforcing a team with extensive knowledge of the sector and the terroir is the primary reason for the success of the new Ímpar, S.A. wine project, which brings together history, know-how and exceptional conditions to reaffirm Alto Alentejo as a region that produces great wines.